From relatively straightforward negligent damage to third party property to more complex products liability claims, involving contract, tort and consumer law I have many years experience in succesfully handling general liability claims.

Professional Indemnity
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Public and Products Liability
Professional Indemnity claims need careful handling by someone with specialist experience.
I have acted for Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Accountants, Valuers and Surveyors.
I have also handled numerous claims for other professions including Real Estate Agents, Travel Agents and Insurance Brokers.

I think of Marine Insurance as the intersection between Insurance, International Trade and International Transport. Successfully navigating a Marine claim requires a working knowledge of all three.
I have been both a Cargo Surveyor and a Maritime Lawyer.

Whether a section one contract works claim, a section two or standalone construction liability or a professional indemnity claim associated with a design and build contract, these claims are rarely simple.
A sound understanding of contract law is vital

Professional Indemnity
Professional Indemnity
Sometimes you need more than someone to project manage a repair or organise replacement of plant.

Where there are complex issues of policy interpretation or indemnity I can help simplify and resolve those issues.

If its in your "too hard" basket talk to me about it.

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