Welcome to my Company
E S Lawless Ltd is the business vehicle for Eoin Lawless.

I started this business because I regard Loss Adjusting as a profession, not a commodity.
I believe that professional service providers should be judged by the quality of their advice, that a good job is prefereable to a quick job and the content of the advice is more important than the way it is delivered.

As a one man company I can be  flexible and responsive to your needs.

Eoin Lawless
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E-Mail: eoin@lawless.cliams
I have thirty years' exerience in Insurance, seven as a lawyer and five as a Loss Adjuster. I have advanced qualifications in Law (LLM(Hons)) and Business (PG Dip Bus Admin.)

What I enjoy most about insurance is the variety of problems to solve and the number of different industries I get to learn about.

Every business is different and every claim is unique. I approach each claim as a set of problems to be solved in a real business setting; not just a process to be followed.
Who we are
I take pride in what I do. Over the years I have invested a lot in continuing to develop my knowledge, experience and skills, and I bring those to every claim I handle. 

When it comes to Loss Adjusting one size does not fit all.

See Eoin's CV here.
6 Kilmacrennan Drive
Auckland 2113
New Zealand

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